To Dos for this week.
You may not have all the info need right now but you will.

  1. Make a folder in Destiny

    Directions for Yearbook on Destiny



    Create a NEW FOLDER

    Rename it your FirstLast name (CAPS on first name and NO SPACES)

    Go to My Computer and open your Y folder

    Right click and choose New Short cut

    For location type \\tuscany\hmsyearbook

  2. Take a photo and put in your Destiny Folder
  3. Finish Air Conditioning Lead
    Print it out, first and last name at the top and turn it in.
  4. Do this new lead with this set of facts. (Click for facts).
  5. We are still not sure if we need to use Yahoo.
  6. Set up Yahoo email if you don't have one for this class.
    1. You must use
      1. Example: Joey Ramone's email would be hmsjramone
      2. If yours is take please see me before choosing another
    2. Send an email to telling him when you have PE.


Yearbook Avenue Link

Ambiguous Assignment #1

Ambiguous Assignment #2


  Libel assignment








Yearbook Commandments