1.                   We are needed everyday.

2.                   We are in a fish bowl and everyone is watching.

3.                   People expect great things from us and we are capable of great things.

4.                   We all have a job to do.

5.                   Every role we play in this thing counts.

6.                   Every idea counts.But ideas are cheap; results are priceless.

7.                   Luck and charm last about 5 minutes.Hard work will get us through the year.

8.                   We have a budget to fall under and a profit to make.

9.                   Itís the FINAL SHOW that matters.

10.           They wonít see hard work, the learning, the hard times, the frustration, arguments, or extra hours.All they will see when it comes down to it is: Are we able to deliver when itís SHOWTIME.